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Standard Party

$349.50 up to 10 children $34.95 per additional child
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Book An Event

Price $349.50 - up to 10 guests Package Includes: Admission, quad or inline rental skates, private room for 45 minutes, party host dedicated to your party, 3 pitchers of soda 5 tokens for each child, invitaions, candles and matches, plates, napkins and utensils. For the Birthday Child a trip to the fun cube, a birthday glow button, The Golden Skate Party T-shirt, a song of your choice and a one month Free Pass! All children in the party room must pay the party package price, whether they skate or not. Cancellation Policy: No refunds are given 0-14 days before the party. There is a $45.00 charge if the party is cancelled 15-21 days before the party.