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Big Deluxe Party

$674.25 up to 15 children $44.95 per additional child
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Price $674.25- up to 15 guests Package includes: admission, quad or in-line rental skates, Private party room for 45 minutes, Party host/hostess dedicated to your party, 2 pizzas Unlimited soft drinks while in the room, Birthday cake, 8 tokens for each child, Glow necklace for each child, invitations, plates, napkins and utensils, candles and matches, For the Birthday Person a trip to the fun cube, a birthday glow button, a commemorative T-shirt, a song of your choice, and a 3 month Free pass! All children in the party room must pay the party package price, whether they skate or not. Everyone entering The Golden Skate, whether skating or not, assumes the risk of injury. Because of the normal risk of maintaining balance on skates and the probability of contact between skaters, accidents can and do happen. You must voluntarily assume the risk of injury when you skate. The purchaser or user of a scheduled birthday party and /or admission and/or skate rental ticket agrees and understands that roller skating can be a dangerous sport and assumes the risk of injury when skating. If you do not assume this risk, do not skate. YOU MUST SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Cancellation Policy: No refunds are given 0-14 days before the party. There is a $45.00 charge if the party is cancelled 15-21 days before the party.